Women’s Health

1 hour Routine Health Consultation

Includes full history, physical examination ( including papsmear if indicated) and recommendations for further investigations if required.

Consultation for specific medical concern available.

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Women's Health FAQs

What is women’s health?

Traditionally this field in medicine refers to the field of gynaecology. The word Gynaecology originates from the two words Gynae meaning woman and Logic which means knowledge. In the field of Gynaecology the most common areas of concern are menstrual, menopause, osteoporosis and breast health related.

The definition of health according to the WHO: "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

Many different health organizations has been trying to have the WHO add “spiritual” to the definition.

It has been proven that women react differently to certain diseases, medication, life’s circumstances, etc. on a physiological level than do men. It is clear that a space should exist where women are able to discuss concerns regarding their wellness.

What does a women’s health evaluation entail?

An hour of your time.

A detailed medical history which will include - amongst other things - the family history, personal medical history, medications and screening questions for specific medical conditions.

A complete list of all your medications is required – prescription, over the counter, herbal and homeopathic

As far as possible also think of when you last had special investigations like blood tests for diabetes & cholesterol, mammography, colonoscopy, bone density, XR’s etc.

A physical examination is done which include a full clinical review of all body systems.

ECG will be performed as well as a pap smear if indicated.

Based on all of the above a health plan will be formulated and discussed. This will include whether there is a need for further blood tests and other special investigations and or referrals. This visit cannot replace the need for certain screening tests like blood tests, mammography, colonoscopy, ultrasounds, bone density test etc.

The evaluation includes follow up once all results are received.

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